Summer is upon us so adventure loving ladies take note! With an end to a long, treacherous winter, it’s about time to get outside and explore the world. With all the many different outdoorsy purchases we make around this period of the year, there is one for sure we know that you need to invest in. The versatile and original outdoor footwear brand KEEN has just launched its first ever Women’s athletic hiking shoes, the Terradora.

Designed for Women’s Feet

With Keen’s new workout footwear, TrailFit, the idea for this shoe came from a collaboration between women’s gym shoes and outdoor shoes. There needed to be one to bridge the gap between the two, and Keen was ready to do so. Pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle is what this brand stands for, and making that easier for the modern lady is crucial. The shoe will hold up during a boot camp, or a lovely stroll through your neighborhood. These shoes were created for the progressive female adventurer. But, even if you’re not the lady that loves to run through forests and a nature adrenaline junkie, these shoes are perfectly fit for the city stompers as well.

Built for the female form, allowing flexibility and balance, these shoes have mixed comfort with sustainability. The narrow heel aids when heading down a steep hill with the elevated level of stability. The support from the shoes cushioning protects the right places when trekking on bumpy lands. The heel lock is excellent while moving at a quick and sudden pace and the PU foam footbed is there for ultimate comfort.

Terradora testing at Treetop Zipling

Another great thing about these shoes is the breathable mesh lining. This keeps feet dry during hot hikes under the warm sun. Since this shoe is specifically for a woman’s foot, a low-density EVA midsole was designed to provide excellent support during intense workout sessions. Plus, the rubber outsole has a reliable grip with its multi-directional lugs when on surfaces that aren’t easy to get through.

My Experience Wearing KEEN’s Terradora Shoes

To see just how well these shoes worked for the woman on the move, I wore a pair during our tree top trekking adventure. I love these shoes, they were comfortable and sturdy, and there was no pain while on our great adventure work out.

Keen's Terradora Trailfit Adventure
Terradora Trailfit Adventure at Treetop Ziplining
Terradora Keen on the Boardwalk

The features that stood out during my testing:

  • Excellent ankle support especially for rockier terrains.
  • Extremely comfortable for use at the gym or city walking.
  • Waterproof lining keeps your feet dry.
  • Lightweight and no breaking in needed.

For more information:

Visit the KEEN’S website to choose your style –

The Terradora is offered in both a Mid WP and Low model.  Prices start from $165.00 CAD in the low, through to $175.00 CAD in the mid WP.  

Disclosure: I received a pair of the Terradora Boots from KEEN for testing.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own based on my experiences.